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Comparison TD-6 - custom electronic kit

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  • Comparison TD-6 - custom electronic kit

    Hi, I am looking for drums to buy, Im from Greece. A guy told me he was selling his custom kit for 750 euros,

    Its a Pearl Target Mesh head (pearl) compact size kit, with 4 Roland triggers(snare, tom, floor tom, kick drum), TD-3 module.

    The guy sais it has a better sound that td-3 or td-6, and it looks natural. I dont care about the looks, all i care about is the sound..

    He sais he wouldnt even sell it if it wasnt for some difficulties he was facing at the time and he needs money.

    Any ideas? What to do?
    I wanna get a good set for less than 1000 euros, i don't mind buying used if its in good condition (which you can never be sure of)...

    Enlighten me please..
    Thank you..
    This custom kit is better for that money, don't let it go away..
    Get a set of roland like td-3 with those money..

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    Well if the kit has a TD-3 module, you will get the sound of a TD-3. The statement "it sounds better than a TD-3 or TD-6" is absurd. It will sound JUST like a TD-3 because it IS a TD-3. Whether or not it sounds better than a TD-6 is a matter of personal preference.


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      Well because of the triggers combined with mesh heads will it be any less accurate on triggering or will it have any bad effects if he hasnt done a good job with putting the mesh heads inside the real drum kit??


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        Dealing with custom kits can sometime be a problem. Can you try out the drum kit? Does it really look as good as he says or does it look like he just through together some old parts. If you are going to go with a custom kit, please try it out first if you can. Does it feel solid? Do the connections feel tight or sloppy. With a new kit you would have a warranty which you won't have with a used kit. Just a thought.

        Good luck with what ever you choose.


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          hmm, the only reason to get this custom kit are the mesh heads, which i wont be able to find for less than 1000 euros on a kit.. Is it hard and expensive to put mesh heads on a td-3??


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            It is not hard to put mesh heads on acoustic shells. That is just a matter of buying mesh heads and putting them on. The tricky part is how to make them trigger. The easiest option is to just buy acoustic triggers from Ddrum. They are easy to install (just clip on the shell) but can be pricey. They work well on mesh heads too. Or you can go the full DIY route and make your own peizo cone triggers.

            As far as sound, the TD-3 is a great sounding module and so is the TD-6 or any other Vdrum module. The difference in the newer brains are just options and features.
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