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Roland Plastic Rack Clamps...?

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  • Roland Plastic Rack Clamps...?

    Okay... so I've read a lot about the problems people have been having with Roland's plastic V-Drum rack clamps... but could someone please clarify:-

    I have an expanded TD-9KX. The 'expanded' pads are mounted on different type clamps (currently utilised on Roland's MDH-10U Pad Mount and MDY-10U Cymbal Mount, when bought separately) to the ones that the TD-9KX's rack (MDS-9) came with.

    The MDS-9 comes with clamps that - while still plastic - have a separate bolts for 'holder' position (ie. where the pad is) and 'rack' position (ie. where the clamp itself is on the rack tube)... whereas the (I'm assuming, older) 'expanded' clamps have single bolt which does both holder and rack tube position... and are a 'hinged' design (negating the need to slide the clamp on the rack tube).

    Okay... I might not have explained that great... but you guys and girls 'in the know'... will know what I'm rattling on about.

    Which one of these clamps have been 'the bane of most gigging V-Drummer's lives'...? I'm assuming it's the 'expanded' hinged type... but just want to know for sure. Personally, I've not had a problem with either... but prefer the MDS-9 clamps as they seem much more secure and durable, despite being made of plastic.

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    Careful about using the term expanded. That is generally used for a module that has an expansion card added.

    I like the clamps that come with the TD-9 (dual knob) better than the TD-20 (single knob). Although I have broken a lot of clamps, I have broken more single knob clamps than any other. I have replaced all mine with Gibraltar.


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      I like the way you can adjust the height and tilt functions on the dual knob clamps separately, but they are a pain in the neck to fit to the rack as you have to remove the rack tubes.

      I like the way you can easily fit the MDY-10U clamps to the rack wherever you want them, but they are a pain in the neck to adjust as the height and tilt are both controlled by a single knob.

      I haven't broken either of them btw so the function rather than the durability is my problem.


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        I have the double nob kind and I have screwed and unscrewed them alot! and havent had any problems yet


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          Originally posted by Hercules View Post
          they are a pain in the neck to fit to the rack as you have to remove the rack tubes.
          Yeah, I forgot about that. That was definitely a pain. Of course with Gibraltar, you get the best of both worlds.


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            Opposite of Hercules, I like the TD20 style clamps over the others because they offer quick adjustment. For instance, at our church we have two drummers and we change the position of the ride cymbal. All I or Dave have to do is grab the cymbal shaft with one hand, loosen one knob, reposition the cymbal, and tighten the knob. Simple as can be. Now, granted, this is not so great when you're talking about the larger, heavier mesh pads.

            If you are gigging a lot and a broken clamp would present problems, throw down for Gibralter clamps and quit worrying. Otherwise, sand you stand tubes lightly where your clamps go so you don't have to put the gorilla grip on them to get them to stay.


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              Yep...go with Gibraltars...you'll be glad you did!

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                Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm not a hard-hitter so don't over-tighten hardware generally... but I'll keep an eye on these Roland clamps and see how they hold up over time.