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SPD20 with TMC6 - Help needed for neebie

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  • SPD20 with TMC6 - Help needed for neebie

    Can someone help me. I have an SPD-20 hooked up to a TMC6. I have a KD7, PD80, 2 x CY6, and 1 x PD6 connected to the TMC6 and 1 x PD6 connected to trig no 4 on the SPD20. The problem I have is that I want to use trig inputs 1 2, 3 on the SPD20 but every time I change either the midi note number or the instrument on the SPD20 it changes the triggered sound from the TMC6 trig inputs 1 2 & 3.

    Can anyone please help!
    Sean Smyth

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    Thanks for your advice.

    I forgot to mention that I have an old yamaha EP75 pad connected as my hhat pad on the TMC6.

    What tends to happen is that the external triggers on the SPD20 match the extrernal triggers on the TMC6.

    Do you know anywhere where I can get hold of the midi note number listing for the SPD20?

    Sean Smyth


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      once again thanks.

      I think I will create my own patch and sketch out on paper each pad or trig input and assign it its own note numer, then try and assign actual instrument sounds.
      Sean Smyth


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        How do I change the instruments assigned to the note numbers being sent by the TMC6 - I presume I have to attach a pad to one of the extrenal inputs of SPD20 or just keep one of the internal pads free as an "instrument selector"

        By the way as an acoustic drummer I didn't know that you could do that with a snare stand and secondly whats the point!

        I am also thinking about maybe selling my SPD20 and TMC6 to buy an all in one unit like TD6 or TD8. Do you think this will give me a better system?
        Sean Smyth


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          I will explore my system before I decide but thanks for your advise. I buy a lot of gear from:


          and they offer a discount system for different taxes. For me in the UK I get a 17.5% discount as I am VAT registered.
          Sean Smyth