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Drum module or Trigger I/O

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  • Drum module or Trigger I/O

    I'm using an acoustic drum set on the stage i want to use triggers on it (to play jamiroquai, depeche mode, prodigy etc..) i have ddrum red shot triggers and not sure for the module.

    do you suggest just triggers and a module or triggers with alesis i/o and a laptop?

    Which module is useful for playing live i dont want %100 digital sound i am gonna trigger the snare and the bass drum and they will have acoustic mics. so its gonna be like 50-50 percent.

    Most people recomended alesis dm5 or ddrum4, but isn't it possible to convert midi with alesis i/o then use Vst's?? Is it comfortable live?

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    A lot of guys still use Alesis DM5 for adding punch to kick and snare drums live where you're not as concerned with realism. A direct electronic drum signal, any edrum signal will give you more umph because you're not as concerned with feedback. You can just crank it. The DM5 is just trigger ins and sounds and if you use rim mounted triggers crosstalk is at a minimum, plus you can stick a trigger to you rack, set it to unassigned on the module and use your rack as part of your noise rejection matrix. Plus it's inexpensive enough to buy and extra one for a backup.
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