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Using two modules

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  • Using two modules

    Hi all. Before I venture out and buy an ekit, I want to know all about them. So, I was wondering if it's possible to connect to modules to allow for more inputs, but still hear all of the sound out of headphones or an amp. This is probably a pretty newby question, but I am a techno noob and don't know too much about the world of ekits.

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    Yep, this is no problem whatsoever. The easiest way to do it is via the mix-in jack between the two modules. With two Roland modules, this is simple. You will hear all sounds through you headphones or amp. The other way is via MIDI, but it's a little more complicated, but not that hard. What two modules are you going to use?
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      you can always simply run a cable from the audio out of a module to the mix in of the other module...alternately, run both modules to a small mixer and listen to the mixer - either through headphones or via an amp...this means that you use the sounds of both modules

      if you have a cheaper module (say a td3 or a td-6) and a bigger module (like a td-9 or a td 20), and you want only to use the sounds of the better module, you can connect them via midi, though some of the editing paremetres are lost - but the sound quality is retained.

      if you search on this site, you will find some threads about this.
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        Well, I'm looking at getting a td3 or td6 now, and then in the future, me only being 16, it'll be easier and cheaper for me to say get a td3 so I can expand my amount of pads. It just won't be possible for me to fork out 1000+ pounds for a better module. Thanks for your reply!