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td-20 bass drum and hi-hat issues

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  • td-20 bass drum and hi-hat issues

    I setup my td-20 sound module to record into my a/d converter through the 8 direct outs. The bass drum is distorting on the sound module before it goes into the a/d converter. I did notice the bass drum pad is moving a little and it only distorts on accented notes I turned the mixer down on the sound module but it still clips. The hi hat also makes sound when going to the open position. Does the hi hat need to be pretty far apart? Please help.

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    It sounds like you need to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers.

    Distortion seems weird though. I an wondering if you need to turn down the kick in the on-screen mixer. I don't have my manual with me so I can't refer you, but I am sure somebody can.


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      I can honestly say that I have never had a kick drum distort within my TD-20. I can only suggest the following:

      1. You said you turned the mixer down. Was that via the front panel sliders or via screen mixer (try both ways).

      2. Do you have kit resonance or snare buzz on? Maybe that's what you're hearing.

      3. Are you using extreme EQ or effects settings? If so, try turning them down to see if that solves the problem.

      Finally, if the pad is moving, you might get double triggers, but I'd think you'd notice that as not being "distortion" in the ordinary sense.