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Cheap MIDI Keyboard for V-Drummers

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  • Cheap MIDI Keyboard for V-Drummers

    I want a cheap $200 Midi Keyboard to play around with and to enter music into my TD-6
    Why post to this forum?

    Because many of you have a midi keyboard that you use.

    My friends who play keyboards (Kurzweils etc) think that a cheap keyboard means $1500. Heck, if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I might as well get a TD-10 for my v-club.

    My requirements are GM Midi and sounds that I like.

    It seems that the bottom end of the market is still between Yamaha and Casio.

    I've had both in the past, and my personal sound preference leans towards Yamaha.

    I also don't want to make the long drive to the Charlotte just to hear and play with them. The Yamaha site has lots of mp3 samples, and what I've heard seems fine. The Casio site I've only found samples for much more expensive models.

    Mars has the Yamaha PSR225GM w/ stand and bag for $139.99 + $10 shipping

    And the PSR292 w/ stand for $199.99 + $10 shipping.

    Mars has the Yamaha PSR225GM w/ stand and bag for $139.99 + $10 shipping and the PSR292 w/ stand for $199.99 + $10 shipping. The PSR292 is looking like it will meet my needs.

    What do others drummers here use?

    (Yes I know that the $1000 models are much better than the cheap ones, remember I'm talking hobby here, not pro stuff.


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    and yet another option would be a cheap casio controlling a decent but inexpensive sound engine.like a roland jv1010.250.00 or so on ebay.one midi out cable from the casio to the jv and your in business.great sounds.
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      silly question

      I thought it wasn't possible to put the sounds from your keyboard into the td6? I thought you could use the sounds of the TD6 and assign them to the keys of your keyboard.
      Can someone explain? Thanks!!!!!
      DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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        I've got a manual but don't fully understand midi. And I know you guys do....Thanks for your input!
        DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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