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TD 12 to Peavey KB-40 Headache

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  • TD 12 to Peavey KB-40 Headache


    As the title suggests, I have a new TD12 and a new Peavey KB-40, both of which i believe to be in perfect working order. Unfortuantly when put together they create a terrible distorted noise. Does anyone have this set up or just a KB-40 and Roland set up in general. What cables do you use and what do you adjust the settings to on the amp to achieve a half way decent sound.

    Currently I cannot get the snare to sound like it does through the headphones, every snare sounds muddy echoey and skanky, then I think i've got it sounding midly audible and then the i hit the bass drum and it sounds like i'm beating a dustbin lid with a mallet.

    Can this set up be saved or do i need to ditch the peavey and buy a roland monitoring system. Currenty i'm using two guitar leads to connect L and R on the peavey drum amp on channel 3. Please tell me i'm doing something wrong.



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    Try connecting just the Left (Mono), as I don't think you should use both L and R into the same channel; it sounds like those two stereo channels together are causing phase cancellation.

    I think there's a Peavey KB-4 and a KB-400, but not a KB-40. So which do you have?