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Roland leads, cables, patch cords

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  • Roland leads, cables, patch cords

    I'm struggling to find a supplier for right angled 6.35mm stereo jack leads in shortish lengths i.e. 1 to 2 metres, its to run between add-on cymbals/pads and modules.

    Do the Roland items have a part number that i can then do a google search for? I would consider a loom or even perhaps a patchbay snake?

    Thanks if you can help with any leads (sic)
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    I had the same problem. I found it really difficult finding 6.35mm right angled stereo jack leads... at any length.

    I ended up ordering a reel of balanced microphone cable, some Neutrik right angled jacks (NP3RX for pads and NP2RX for kick/controllers) and got the soldering iron out. It's actually quite an expensive way of doing it... but you do get bombproof cabling (in comparison to the moulded leads Roland normally supply) at the lengths you need.
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      Hi Tpivette,

      If you're in the UK or EU, drop me an email - we keep loads in stock!



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        Roland have now added their cables to the V-Drums catalogue with part numbers. If you look on your local Roland website, you should be able to find them, probably in the V-Drums Accessories.......