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best acoustic drum triggers for td-10 exp module

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  • best acoustic drum triggers for td-10 exp module

    hello to everyone,and congratulations for the good work in this v drums forum!
    i play acoustic drums and because i am living in a block of flats and we know the difficulties have acoustic drums set in a apartment,i decided to move to the v drums world,and triggering my acoustic set!
    i have two roland td-10 sound modules both with the tdw-1 expansion for better v-cymbal and trigger control,i am willining to use my modules as tmc with programms such ez drummer drums from hell!
    the help i want is about the choice of the acoustic drum triggers,which ones will work better with my modules and develop the features such as positional detection for all inputs,rim shots and cross stick for snare,and maybe rim shots for the toms also!!!and adjusting the head tension for all inputs!
    i have four toms one snare and one kick drum that i want to trigger,i am thinking about the roland rt-10 acoustic triggers and instead of buying one rt-10s for the snare the only trigger of the set with two way triggering and four rt-10t for the toms, to buy 5 rt-10s triggers that has two way triggering,giving me the ability for tom rim shots.
    please advise me!

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    That's a good plan (1 x RT-10K and 5 x RT-10S); that's what I'd do.

    You won't get positional sensing though, which requires a centrally mounted sensor.



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      thank you bruce for reply!
      Which acoustic triggers has centrally mounted sensor?i regard the positional sensing feature and adjusting the head tension for all inputs that my module has to be the features that i want most to develop my acoustic triggers,which acoustic triggers will manage better those features?
      i would like to know the opinion from the people that use acoustic drum triggers with roland modules and which ones will work better.