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Help - My VH11 is lifeless

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  • Help - My VH11 is lifeless

    Hi Forum.

    I recently upgraded my module from a TD6 to a TD12....I was so excited to see the potential and improvement that I would notice on the VH11 high-hat with the new module.

    I followed the instructions according to the documents provided but so far my VH11 is lifeless and I'm not getting any sound when hitting the high-hat. I'm also not getting the swishing sound (open, close, half-close) that I was highly expecting. Let's just say that the VH11 sounded better previously on my TD6 module.

    From my old TD6 module, I disconnected the HH-Ctrl cable and connected that to the TD12 HH-Ctrl. I also did similar thing to HH cable.

    In the instructions, it also specified to loosen the bolt holding the high-hat so that the high-hat is pressing against the sensor unit (being careful not to press down on the foot pedal).

    After doing that, I went into the TD12 module and setup the recommended settings for the VH11. Apart from that, I cannot see anything that I'm doing wrong.

    Please help!!!!

    I thought it would be pretty straight forward - switching the cables from the old TD6 into the TD12....

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    Perhaps you powered on when the hi-hat was already touching the motion sensor unit?

    "* The offset cannot be adjusted correctly if the hi-hat is making contact with the motion sensor unit when the power is turned on."



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      Thanks Bruce for your quick response.

      That's a possibility - how do I fix that?


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        Power on with the hi-hat cymbal up, then drop it down and do the offset adjustment at TRIGGER, HI-HAT.



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          Thanks Bruce...

          I tweak around with the offset and got the swishing sound on the open position. Apart from what's written in the manuals, are there any ideal recommended settings for the VH11 HH?