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TDW-20 == after the install

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  • TDW-20 == after the install

    Just curious how many have formatted and used the CF card delivered with the TDW-20 AFTER a successful upgrade. I've been reluctant to do so, keeping it as a 'backup'. I don't know any reason I need a backup of the upgrade software, but I'm doing so anyway. I'm continuing to use my original CF card, leaving the upgrade card intact.


    edit : should be TDW-20 in the title
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    Formatting will only recreate the folders. (iirc) Regardless, you don't want to lose your update files in the root folder. It allows you to remove the board later if you need to and still have a functional module. The file should be available on Roland's website regardless.
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      i am keeping mine intact. i have about a dozen 32 meg cf cards laying around.
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        I don't see why you would ever need the two upgrade files from the root folder again; unless you intend to remove and then re-install the TDW-20 board, or to remove it and sell it with the installation CF card.

        Roland suggests moving the installation files to a PC so that the CF card can be used: FAQ: How do you install the TDW-20 to the TD-20?

        I don't think the version 2.01 files are available from any Roland site, and they may never be as they're only required as part of the TDW-20 upgrade.



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          I formatted the card after the upgrade. I moved the files off to a secure location on my network if for some reason I'd ever need them again. I also had a recent backup of my TD-20 that I copied back to the card so I could access my old sets after the upgrade.

          It was painless and easy.


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            Welcome to the forum T R J!

            I've kept the Roland CF card as I've got a couple of smaller capacity cards I was using before the upgrade and I read somewhere here that larger CF cards take longer for the module to access.