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False Triggering... Should I worry?

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  • False Triggering... Should I worry?

    Hello all. Normally, for a subject like false triggering and cross-talk, I would use the venerable search engine, but this, I feel, is a somewhat unique situation, thus I would like the input of the most excellent V-Drums.com community!

    I am playing in the pit orchestra of a musical, and the next rehearsal, I want to bring my e-kit for its tones. Ideally, my kit would consist of most of my TD-5K, acoustic snare & cymbals. There will be a percussionist alongside me(timpani, keyboards, possibly some auxiliary perc). About a 13-piece orchestra. As i see it, my biggest possible sources of unwanted vibrations would be the timpani, string bass, and electric bass (I think we have two of one and one of the other). Now for the questions

    -Will those instruments be a big problem? The electric bass won't be using a very big amp in the pit itself. I don't think any of the electric musicians will. They'll use enough amplification to be heard in the pit, then the sound tech will hook them up into the board and I guess send them out through them mains? All I know is that they won't have to depend on their smaller amps alone.

    -Will my own instruments be a problem? Will using my acoustic snare start making my module go crazy? I'll be using a seperate stand for the snare and the Roland. I was probably going to put the a-cymbals on seperate stands as well, since I know from experience those can wreak havoc on pads in terms of setting them off. However, if I put, say, a small towel under the cymbal clamp, would that dampen it enough so it wouldn't interfere with the module?

    I'll probably bring a rug to drop, to mute the vibes from the basses (both kinds) and the timpani. If this is not enough to keep my system from going nuts, what else would be reccomended? Keep in mind, this is a pit, so portability and speed of setup/breakdown/transport a must.

    While I'm on the subject of false triggering; I have some pads set up off to the side of my primary a-kit. Sometimes my rimshots will set the pads off, even though I have them on seperate stands, totally isolated from the a-rack. What do you think, put something under the pad-stand?

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you all soon. Many thanks.