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Mackie SRM450 - advice please re EQ

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  • Mackie SRM450 - advice please re EQ

    I would be grateful for some advice from SRM450 users on how they control EQ with the absence of any adjustment on the monitor itself. Currently I am having to adjust every "kit" I use if a new venue throws up a need for it - a real bind - it's a pity there isn't a master EQ on the Td-6 module. I have been thinking of putting an equaliser between the TD-6 and the Mackie but am worried about signal distortion.................??

    I wonder also how much you guys use ambience settings for live performance - I mostly don't use it as I find it sounds artificial.


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    If he is having to set up EQ per kit depending upon each venu, it seems it would be easier - even if he has to do it between songs - to fiddle with the sliders on a graphical EQ than to have to go into the module and twiddle the alpha-dial between songs. Shure, if he's got the time before the gig to get into the brain and adjust all the kits that'd be fine ... assuming the settings still apply after the audience has filled the room.

    I would rather dial up my kit and then make micro-adjustments to the EQ on an equalizer (graphical, prefered over parametric) than to dial up my kit, then step through the menu maze to find EQ and then alpha-dial my desires and then step out of the menu maze so that I can play the next song.
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      Are you using a mixer? I find that the EQ on the mixer is enough for me. I tried to use the SRM450 without a mixer but it turned out to be a sort of half-assed solution...
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        Use an EQ. Buy a good one. It doesn;t have to be $500 either. You can get a dual 15-band for about $150 that will do the job just fine!
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