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Upgrading Pd80r snare / TD-6V (suggestions, please!)

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  • Upgrading Pd80r snare / TD-6V (suggestions, please!)

    So...... X-mas is coming up, and apparently I'm very difficult to shop for. Everyone keeps saying, "Tell me what you want for Christmas!!". Here's where you guys come in....

    I have done some searching, but most of the results for "snare upgrade" were 3-6 years old. I'm looking for some current opinions...

    I know some of you are using Pintech, Hart, maybe the newer Jobeky(intriguing), Roland PD-125, etc. I need recommendations.

    It's obvious, to me, that anything will be better than an 8" snare (tiny).

    I'm looking for any opinions regarding 10-12" snares. I believe that 12" is the way to go, as I am used to my 14" acoustic snare.

    Does anyone have some current suggestions/experience/opinions regarding the more recent offerings of snare drums??? I know that the TD-6V is limited in its ability vs. newer modules: (what, with their positional sensing, better samples, etc.)

    What are your views about reliability, quality, sensitivity, ability to integrate(is it light enough to mount to the rack arm, or is a separate snare stand required?)

    My family (the gift purchasers) thank you for your help!
    *TDW-20* KD-8 w/Iron Cobra single, PD-125, PD-80R, VH-11, PD-8(X3), CY-12R/C, CY-8(X2), older MDS-6 rack with additional lower crossbar for support, Roc 'n' Soc Nitro, ATH-M50 and MDR-7506

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