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TD-20 Individual Outputs

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  • TD-20 Individual Outputs

    I was thinking of a way of getting more outputs on my TD-20. Right now I have a pair for cymbals, a pair for toms, and one each for snare, kick, and HH. The final one is leftover for anything special. I'd like to get another pair of outputs though so that I can separate my two rides from all of the crashes (in stereo). I was thinking that I could do this by eliminating everything but the rides from the mains, and using the mains as "direct outs 9 &10". I was just wondering if anyone has tried this and if there are any hidden "gotchas" I should be aware of.

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    Should be fine but you'll have to route ambience and effects to phones only on the Other screen.



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      Hi Jim, I haven't tried this but in the handbook p78 it describes setting your trigger output destinations. The switches available for master out are Off, L and R so it sounds like you can do what you are after.

      Note that the master out setting will probably affect the headphone out and the SPD/IF out also.