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Good bass kick? [TD-6V]

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  • Good bass kick? [TD-6V]

    Hello everyone, I am dreaming of getting v expressions soon but so far no can do. My favorite band is Thrice and I have been dissapointed with the bass kicks on the TD-6v. Anyone have good suggestions for what they use?

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    Also...I have 2 crashes and a ride and am looking for good cymbal settings as well...any ideas?


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      Hi xthRic3,

      The TD-6V has some really good sounds in it - you just need to tweak them a bit.

      Try listening to the song you want to play and just play the kick - cycle through the options on your TD-6V and find the one that sounds closest then adjust it.

      From memory the studio kicks were pretty easy to get to sound good - add a bit of bottom end to them and a bit of reverb or ambience to make them sound bigger.

      For your cymbals the rides I remember the ones with x- in the name gave you a bell sound when stuck harder - if you boost the high frequencies you'll make them sound a bit brighter. The fast or quick crashes with a bit more top end were good too.

      The Rosewood toms with studio kick for a round, warm sound and a full Oak kit for a more ringy (concert tom like) sound are good.


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        thanks hercules!