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KD-120 triggering problem

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  • KD-120 triggering problem

    I am planning on purchasing a 1 year old set of Roland TD-20 V-drums. When I was testing them out I noticed the KD-120 mesh kick pad would not trigger when the beater hit the pad lightly. It would only trigger when a certain amount of force was applied to the kick pedal. I have the feeling this is not working correctly. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Can the sensitivity be adjusted on the KD-120? If so, how? Could there be something wrong with the trigger? If so, can it be repaired and how much might it cost. I would like to get an answer as soon as possible so I can decide whether or not to go through with the purchase of these drums. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    since you need to know quickly, i'll have a stab at it though some here might have a more indept answer..it's likely a setting like trigger sensitivity..in trigger/basic/sen.ajust.(is to low) or trigger/basic/threshold (is to high).
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      I would say not to worry, i-drum is probably right on!
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        Thanks for the quick replies. I will try to adjust the sensitivity as suggested to see if that corrects the issue. Hopefully that's all it is.


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          Adjusting Sensitivity did not work

          Adjusting the sensitivity did not correct the triggering problem. Unless anyone has anymore ideas, I guess its off to the repair shop. I just bought this used set, which is somewhat disappointing, so I hope its not to expensive to repair this.


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            Is the trigger type correctly set to KD-120 at TRIGGER, BANK?

            Did you try reducing Threshold as previously suggested?



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              BarT, the answer to both of your questions is yes. I wish one of those two things was the problem. I also contacted Roland support and they suggested I check the same things. When I emailed them back to tell them it didn't correct the problem, they told me I needed to take the drum in for service. I was hoping I could avoid that, but its looking like that's probably what I will have to do. Appreciate your help.


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                I thought I had the same problem at one point, but it turned out that I had a cheap headset... The KD-120 works just fine with speakers:-)

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                  Thanks for all the advice. Turns out that the problem was with the threshold setting for the bass drum. Once I took that down to zero the problem went away. I know I told some of you I had already tried that and it made no difference but I must have been mistaken or was actually changing the settings for the wrong drum. Anyways, thanks again for the help.


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                    Mine was doing the same thing after resetting to factory settings. I turned the sensitivity up and threshold down and it works like new too. Thanks for the info.