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Newb here, did I screw up?

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  • Newb here, did I screw up?

    So, im trying to build a small kit cos im sick of playing drums with my fingers on a keyboard controller

    I was going to get the Alesis trigger I/O but nobody had it in stock around here. I was talking to a guy at the local music shop and he convinced me to get a used Alesis DM5 module for about the same price.

    Since I'm only planning on using this for MIDI to my PC should I have held out and waited to get the IO instead? Is it going to do anything for me that the DM5 module doest?



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    Depends on the number of inputs and whether they are dual or single-zone.

    BTW, welcome to the forum!


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      Thanks for the reply. The DM5 is 16 input but only mono/single zone. Though the guy at the store set up with a Y cable so I can split a dual zone pad into two separate trigger inputs..

      So is the zone / channel issue the only thing I should be concerned with?

      Thanks again...


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        The hi-hat pedal input on the DM5 is not capable of measuring a variable pedal position. So, you will only get two types of sounds -- open hat or closed hat. You won't be able to trigger a continuously variable hi-hat sound. Also, I don't think any of the inputs can detect a cymbal choke switch, so it would be difficult to choke any cymbals. Finally, the DM5 trigger inputs were designed many years before mesh heads were introduced on edrums. So, not sure if the DM5 will trigger a mesh headed drum as well as the Trigger I/O will.



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          Ah, thank you. So I will be returning this and make them order me the Trigger IO!


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            One word of caution on the Trigger IO: read the massive topic on that item before taking the plunge. It has plenty of issues in its own right and you might not be any better served by it that you would by the module you're returning.

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              Thanks for the heads up. Since I dont have many pads yet (it sounds like roland are the main prob with the trigger io) and the main concern I would have is the hi-hat. I have superior 2.0 and would like to be able to use the hh functions to its full extent.


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                I highly Suggest that if you do not have much drum experience, or you don't have that much money to spend, I think your best bet would be too buy a simple 200-300$ Yamaha kit.


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                  How many inputs do you need? You could get a nice little TD-3 module on eBay pretty cheap that will probably take care of what you are trying to do.
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                    I currently have a 5 piece Yamaha acoustic set that I will be selling to help build this kit. I would like enough inputs for a 5 piece, plus a hh, one ride and one crash. I would probably also use rim triggers for extra cymbals.

                    I don’t really want to get a super cheap kit cos I know I'll just end up not liking it and have to sell it to get better stuff. So I might as well start with something at least mid-range quality.

                    Thanks for the input!


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                      Why not simply trigger the Yammies? it would definately save you having to find pads, mounts, rack etc...

                      The TD-3 module will easily accomodate a 5 piece kit, 3 cymbals & hi-hat.
                      Thats not to say that you couldn't go with the Trigger-IO instead, but Fullback makes a good point...

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                        I would like to be able to play quietly - so triggers on the acoustic set isn’t really going to work.

                        The TD-3 does sound tempting but its about twice the price and Im already exchanging the DM5 for the trigger io - im going to stick with that for now.

                        Thanks for all the input - i've learned quite a bit on here in the last few days