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2000 to spend, help!

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  • spanner
    Second hand td10 would be best idea (IMO) 1400 POUNDS MAX and then swap out brain for td12 and possibly get a vh-11. This would give virtually same functionality as a full specn td20 and leave cash over for some decent software.
    The old red td-10 kits are excellent value

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  • KevH

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  • grog
    Everybody here who's had experience with the Yamaha PCY series of cymbals thinks the world of them. Amazing value for the money. Keep in mind that with the Yamaha 3-zone ride, you'll need to modify it to work with a Roland module. Otherwise, you'll have no issues going with Yamaha cymbals.

    Although not *everybody* will agree, if you want the most realistic sounding edrums, yes, go with drum software of some ilk. What you get, BFD, EZD, etc., really depends on what you want. All will give you great sounding drums. Search in here (yes, first time posters with lots of questions are told to SEARCH IN HERE!) for details on VST drum stuff.

    As for doing some of this on a budget, look at Hart (we all knew I'd say that). Flurbs (a member here) is the UK Hart rep. Believe me, if you're going new, a snare, kick and three toms (all Hart Accupads) will cost you a helluva lot less than the comparable Roland components.

    As for a HH, since you don't like Roland's stuff, hmmmmmm. Again, Hart's cymbal and Epedal Pro II is an option but it'll cost you pretty much what a VH-11 will. The whole thing is "real" in that everything's metal but the cymbal itself is very heavy. Another alternative would be Pintech's Visulite HH. It has plenty of realistic action and in general, is lighter.

    Don't sweat a computer upgrade right now, particularly if you go with one of Toontrack's drum software programs. I use an old P4s (2.6ghz) with 1mb of RAM and I have no trouble with EZD and Cubase.

    Sound card? Again, search in here. Tons of info.

    And as Swaledale said, look at used stuff. Potentially (but not always) good savings but timing is almost always everything.

    Thus endeth today's meta advice on drum stuff.

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  • Picksorsticks

    Welcome ! You'll get lots of opinions and answers here.

    To get the best sounding kits, the consensus here is to get some of the v-expressions for your Roland module....check out their website, you can see lists and hear samples

    You can use acoustic hardware, separate snare cymbal stands. I have stand alone snare stand in my set up.

    You can mix and match manufacturers. I went with Pintech/Gibraltar and a TD-12.

    Also see Grog's "mix and match kit" (look in his "signature" at the bottom of any of his posts), he's also a fan of Yamaha cymbals.

    I went with a Pintech hi-hat. hart, Kit Toys and a few others are alternatives to Roland or Yamaha hi-hats.

    software/soundcards, I have NO idea but others here know that stuff

    Finding something used would save you money. If you utilize the hardware you have you can piece together what you want.

    good luck!

    Please let us know what you end up getting.

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  • Swaledale
    Hi Alex, lots of questions....I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies.

    If I had £2000.....

    Second hand TD-12 kit £1400 (or less if lucky)
    Second hand PD-125 for snare £160
    CY-15 (+ cymbal arm) for ride £200
    Vexpressions custom kits to upgrade sounds £80 (see www.vexpressionsltd.com )
    Amp (e.g. PM-10) £160

    Roland second hand V-drum stuff is usually very reliable so long as you buy sensibly - perhaps I might buy the CY-15 cymbal as new as cymbals are more likely to fail than the PD pads.

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  • alexww
    started a topic 2000 to spend, help!

    2000 to spend, help!