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Hart eII cymbals

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  • Hart eII cymbals

    Would somebody please post a picture of the Hart eII brass cymbals from the underside (backside). I noticed that the manufactures of all brass ecymbals do not show the side the audience sees in there advertisements. Are they really ugly or what? Thanks-dave

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    well the audience wont notice much as they are 2 of the same color cymbals rivited together. Example: A 12in cymbal has a smaller 10in cymbal rivited to it. in between the two i would guess are wires and the sensor. they only thing the audience would notice are the box for the sterio cable and the small black choke strip (choking cymbal)


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      So, you have a brass center with a black outter circle and an input box? Does that mean it looks like a Roland Cy15R with a brass center? I sure wish someone would post some pictures.


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        give me a few min and pics will be up for u


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          here are the pics of the all metal harts

          this is the bottom of the hi-hat

          this is my splash but all hart cymbals without chokes will look like this

          this is what the cymbals will look like if they have the choke strip

          and what my set looked like 6 months ago:



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            Thanks man, for the pix. Nice looking kit you got there. What do you use the laptop for. I have one mounted on my rack that I use for running practice songs, home recording and on stage to track our sequencing parts on the Sonar 6 program.


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              Excuse me for interrupting.

              What are you using for an amp and speakers?



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                i am currently using the laptop to run songs also and recording. i am planing on running ezdrummer once i purchase it.

                for speakers i use nothing but headphones. i used to use some ev's in the studio but had issues with faulty triggering due to loud speakers. i currently use a a-kit in the studio and for shows now and keep this kit in my room to practice. its cool i can just get out of bed and hop on the practice set with no issues from anyone else.


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                  strich, where are the dents dude?
                  Yamaha DTXPress IV Special -> PreSonus Firebox -> Superior Drummer 2.0 -> Sennheiser HD280Pro (headphones for practice)


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                    i will post pics later tonight when i get home from class as my camera ran out of battery after i took these