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recording td-20 patterns - memory problem

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  • recording td-20 patterns - memory problem

    hi people,

    i used the search but didn't find anything ...

    i've got the td-20 and wonder how much "memory" i have to record.
    i've recorded 3 or 4 patterns with approx. 20 bars each.
    and there are much more free pattern-places to record.
    and now the td-20 says something similar to: no more memory to record.

    it's only midi-recording. does this take so much memory?
    can i only record 4 SHORT songs or so???

    and: can i record more songs with the TDW-20?

    i hope you all can understand my question (sorry, currently my english is very bad)

    thx for your answers,

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    The limit is 20,000 notes so it depends on the complexity of user patterns, but only 2 or 3 songs is fairly typical; and the situation is just the same with a TDW-20.

    You can save and load a pattern on a Compact Flash card (up to 100) at PATTERN, EDIT, CARD.



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      thanks barT,

      i think i have to go downstairs and test it :-))