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Drum settings for different bands

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  • Drum settings for different bands

    Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere that tells you what settings to use to get a sound like a band of choice ? I play along to songs a lot and it would be nice to have a similar sounding drumset. I have a td6 !

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    If no one else has done so, let me welcome you to the forum!

    I would suggest you check out http://www.vexpressionsltd.com. They charge for their collections of kits, but they are worth it. Saves you tons of time! The Master Picks from the TD6 lineup has the following player's kits replicated:

    Ginger Baker : DW Collectors 2005 Cream Reunion
    Carter Beauford : Yamaha Studio from “Zynergy”
    Alex Van Halen: Album 1984 ( Jump)
    John Bonham * : Studio Sessions from 1975
    John Bonham : Ludwig Vistalites Live
    Dennis Chambers : Mike Stern Paris 2005 – Pearl
    Stuart Copeland: Tama Imperialstar: 1981
    Peter Criss : Pearl Kit 1977
    Peter Erskine : Yamaha Kit
    Steve Gadd : Yamaha Kit
    Keith moon: Premier concert tom kit
    Vinnie Paul : kit from Damageplan Album
    Neil Peart : Ludwig kit from 80’s.
    Ringo Starr: Ludwig Kit
    Dave Weckl: 1996 studio recording kit
    Ian Paice: 2005 solo kit
    Kenny Ornoff : Studio solo
    Billy Ward : Video solo kit
    Phil Rudd : Sonor Phonic
    Ed Thigpen: Remo Drums
    Simon Phillips: Tama Drums
    Mike Portnoy : Tama Drums
    Abe Laboriel Jr. : DW drums live with STING
    Joey Jordinson : Pearl Drums live with Slipknot
    Jon Fishman : Recording with Phish
    Rod Morganstein : Rudess / Morganstein Project
    Chad Sexton : Recording with 311
    Tre Cool : Recording with Green Day
    Billy Cobham : On Yamaha Recording customs
    Danny Carey : With Tool on Sonor Drums
    Tommy Aldridge : Live w/ Yamaha Drums
    Phil Ehart : Kansas with Yamaha Drums in studio
    Thomas Lang : Sonor Drums / Live
    Virgil Donati: Live w/ Premier Drums
    Terry Bozzio : Live on Remo drums
    Bernard Purdie : Sonor drums in Studio
    Lars Ulrich : Tama drums live
    Scott Rockenfield: Pearl drums live
    Vinnie Colaiuta : Gretsch Drums live
    Joey Kramer : Aerosmith (1976 - Toys) Studio kit
    Aaron Comess: Studio set w/ Spin doctors
    Gregg Bissonette : Mapex Be Bop kit
    Dave Abbruzzesse: DW Pearl Jam
    Elvin Jones : On Slingerland- Live room sound
    Mike Mangini: Pearl Drums – Overture
    Steve Ferrone: Gretsch Drums – Eric Clapton
    Bill Bruford: Live with Earthworks
    Alex Acuna: Recording with Heavy Weather
    Tony Williams: Live in New York on Gretsch Drums
    Marco Minnemann: Studio Drum solo on DW Drums.
    Omar Hakim: Recording set 1996 session
    Bonus Set 2008 Pacific
    Bonus Set 1988 Pearl DX
    Bonus Set 2008 Ddrum Acoustic Series
    Bonus Set 2006 DW Exotics w/ Brass Snare

    They have other collections as well. Check it out!


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      Thanks for that list SITM.
      I'm even more tempted now!


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        Originally posted by KevH View Post
        Thanks for that list SITM.
        I'm even more tempted now!

        Yeah, if I keep shilling for Alan and his cohorts they'll have to put me on the payroll!


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          Originally posted by KevH View Post
          Thanks for that list SITM.
          I'm even more tempted now!

          You don't have VEX yet Kev? What the....? Oh yeah, neither do I....but I'm gonna! Some day. But I'm holding out until I see an Eric Carr kit (a la "I Love It Loud" from the Creatures of the Night album)....yep, that's the reason.
          Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
          "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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            Originally posted by Fullback32 View Post
            You don't have VEX yet Kev? What the....? Oh yeah, neither do I....but I'm gonna!
            Hey Kev and FB32: you don't mean that, do ya? Posting 1,8 and 1,5 k-posts and owning all that hardware without owning a single VEX kit? It was my first and best upgrade. Well...the VH-11 is also great...and I like the ATH-50 very much...the KRK's are sweat too...