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Cable question

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  • Cable question

    On many subjects, people will often refer to "Y" cables or "insert cables". I know the PCS-31 is of the latter type. Firstly, are the terms interchangable? Is the PCS-31 just a specialized Y/insert cable? Will one do the job of the other? I.E., could one use a PCS-31 in the dual-mono inputs of a TD-6 module?

    I have a cable that goes from one stereo 1/4" plug to two 1/4" plugs -- one red, one white. Is this the Y-cable/Insert cable that people refer to? If not, will it do the jobs of the others? Thanks.


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    Y cable or Splitter Cable: How to (about $7 each if you do it youself)
    In this town the above cables do not exist.
    Even if you don't know which end of a soldering iron to grab,
    this is easy, so you'll know someone who can whip this out for you.

    To build two cables sets go to Radio Shack and buy
    1) four 6' molded 1/4" phone jack to (whatever) Shielded Audio Cable
    You'll cut of the 'whatever' anyway and Shack might not have 4 of the exact same thing
    2) Two stereo 1/4" Phone Plugs (might come two to a pkg)
    3) Take the 6' Audio Cables, leave the 1/4" Phone Plug end and cut off the other end
    right at that end (you want as much of the 6' as you can get)
    4) Strip the wires and PULL two of them thru each plastic cap before you start soldering - solder two 6' cables to each of the 1/4" stereo plugs
    (shields together, one inner lead to the stereo tip, and the other to the 'below tip')
    5) Screw the plastic caps back on ,and have fun.