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Want to get a td3 kit

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  • Want to get a td3 kit

    Hi all! I wan't to buy a td3 kit(the one with the mesh snare)but my local music store(long and mcquade)didn't have any for me to check out. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the price in canadien dollars roughly for the td3. By the way i play acoustic drums too but i think i could get alot more practice out of an e kit thanks.

    ps. do you think long and mcquade could order a kit if i asked them?

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    Welcome to the group !

    I can't help you out with the pricing....but I DID own a TD-3 for over a year. Great starter kit. You'll get many hours of enjoyment out of it. I had very good luck with it and later sold it to a guy I work with.

    What you may find is that you want something bigger and better....(see below).

    Good luck finding a TD-3. Bear in mind that v-drums are not silent, kick drum can send vibrations through the floor. There have been a few folks here with real noise/neighbor issues.

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      This TD-3SW at Musician's Friend (who will ship to Canada) is $995 US, so you are looking at $1,228.42 Canadian. This is a pretty typical price for this set.

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        Not sure where you're at, but there are often some good used deals out there... and another...

        Check out the L&M Christmas flyer - they have the TD-3KS (no mesh) at $899 and I guarantee that they would order any set you want if they didn't stock it.

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