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Connecting the td 12 to the computer using MIDI cable

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  • Connecting the td 12 to the computer using MIDI cable

    hello everyone,
    i am new to this forum and it was nice to see there's crazy to drums like me, and myself (did i mention the schizofren problem?)

    anyway, enough jokes for this time of day
    what i wanted to ask is:
    i have bought a MIDI cable and connected it to my lap top.
    i have also installed a MIDI SEQUENCER.
    but the sounds coming from my lap top aren't the ones i hear with the headphones.
    Is that a problem of my sound card?
    or maybe it is ralated to my speakers?
    or - is it the software i'm using?
    or... is it some configuration on the TD-12 i need to change?

    have a great day


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    Just to be clear

    when i wrote that it's not the sound coming out from the headphones
    i ment that the quality is different.
    the Headphones are connected to the TD-12 (not the lap-top).


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      If you have both MIDI In and Out connected, then you neeed to switch off Local Control whilst recording (at SETUP, MIDI (F1), GLOBAL (F2)) or you have a MIDI loop and duplicated sounds.

      If it's not that, try to describe the quality issue and confirm that the different sounds are from the module not the computer.