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V-Club / TD-6 question

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  • V-Club / TD-6 question

    I am nearly ready to buy a V-Club set, but I want to add a PD-9 as a snare, since it has dual triggering for rim shots, etc. My question is this: Are there enough inputs to use all the pads that come with the V-Club AND add the pd-9? I hear all this talk about y-cables and such, but I'm in the dark about all that at this point. I don't want to waste my money on something that I can't use. I'd love to have 4 toms (5 if I get a different hi-hat setup).
    Thanks a bunch!
    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D

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    Thanks for the fast answer, Harlock. Three minutes, is that some sort of record? And you're in France, too; is the internet great or what?
    Now I'm more confident that everything will work out great. I think I'll stick with the PD-9, though. It's $100 less, and money's kind of tight right now. Maybe if I was a pro, yes. But to play in church for free, I may wait until later and then upgrade.
    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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      Shop around. You should be able to get a V-Club for $999 or less.



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        Thanks for the info, but where are you getting these prices? I found that Dwight at www.bpmmusic.com gave me as low a price as I could find on the V-Club: $1069.00 incl. free shipping, no tax. One other place had the same price, but not in stock, and some one else had it for $10.00 more and no shipping, but you have to pay $19.99 shipping insurance. I have checked everywhere I saw on the forum that had websites. My inbox is full of e-mailed quotes ("Too low to advertise"), but I can find nothing any lower. I did find the pd-9 at $134 (Dwight again) but everybody else had it for around $150-$200. And the PD-80R has been signifigantly higher.

        In short, please share any place you know of that has lower prices than these. I seem to trust Dwight based on good recommendations I've seen on the board, but if it's cheaper elsewhere, I'd like to know.

        Thanks. This is a great forum. And you guys make it that way.

        :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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          I added a PD-9 to my V-club and I love it. I found the PD-7 to be a bit small for a snare.

          Splitter Cable:
          But 1st a little background
          The brains of the V-club is the TD-6. 'Out of the box' it will handle 12 triggers.
          They are called:
          1 Kick (you can connect two KD-7's together for double bass)
          2 Snare (stereo for dual trigger) eg PD-7, PD-9, PD-80R
          3 Hi-Hat (stereo for dual trigger) CY-6 and up
          4 Tom 1 (stereo for dual trigger) eg PD-7, PD-9, PD-80R
          5 Tom 2 (5/6 are one input)
          6 Aux
          7 Tom 3 (7/8 are one input)
          8 Tom 4
          9 Crash 1 (stereo for dual trigger) CY-6 and up
          10 Crash 2 (stereo for dual trigger) CY-6 and up
          11 Ride (stereo for dual trigger) CY-6 and up
          12 HH CTLR

          You can put any V-drum compatible trigger into any input 1-11
          12 must have a Hi-Hat peddle.
          Inputs 5/6 and 7/8 are one plug in the back of the TD-6
          If you plug in a PD-6 with a mono cable to 5/6 you get Tom 2
          If you plug in a PD-6 with a mono cable to 7/8 you get Tom 3

          Even if you won't have all the triggers to max out your V-club, get the cables anyway.
          You'll find that Roland put some different sounds on Crash 2 and Aux. So you can temporally cable up those inputs when you go exploring.
          (it is mind boggling to play church organ on your V-club)

          Splitter Cable: How to (about $7 each if you do it youself)
          Even if you don't know which end of a soldering iron to grab,
          this is easy, so you'll know someone who can whip this out for you.

          So go to Radio Shack and buy
          1) four 6' molded 1/4" phone jack to (whatever) Shielded Audio Cable
          You'll cut of the 'whatever' anyway and Shack might not have 4 of the exact same thing
          2) Two stereo 1/4" Phone Plugs (might come two to a pkg)
          3) Take the 6' Audio Cables, leave the 1/4" Phone Plug end and cut off the other end
          right at that end (you want as much of the 6' as you can get)
          4) Strip the wires and PULL two of them thru each plastic cap before you start soldering
          solder two 6' cables to each of the 1/4" stereo plugs
          (shields together, one inner lead to the stereo tip, and the other to the 'below tip')
          5) Screw the plastic caps back on ,and have fun.
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