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Old/First Pd100/120 Blues cones replacement Mind !

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  • Old/First Pd100/120 Blues cones replacement Mind !

    Hi ,

    I replace my blue cone of my pd-100/120 by blacks cone about one year ago without replacing the sensor .

    I replacing cone for all the pads except one for a pd-100 wich it still with a blue cone

    For me all was good until yesterday when I try to play with brushes , I was very surprising , the sweep technique on my pd-120 ( with black cone ) was clearly impossible , sensitivity was bad ( I learn the " brushes " kit inside the td-10 memory )

    I give a try with my " pd-100 blue cone " and " Eureka " the sweep was very very good a lot of better with my all pad with black cone

    I search on this forum and I found this : http://www.vdrums.com/forum/showthre...+part+01909478

    I read it's necessery to replace the sensor when you replace blues to black cone

    I live in France in a little town and music shops are not very knows how have this part

    Can I have some help please ?

    What parts I have to buy and what part number ?

    Cone part # 01909478 $8.00
    Sensor part # 71233445 $8.50

    Only this parts or more ?

    Is the sensor have a " mounting plate " like the cone ? and how center the sensor when you change it

    Can I have too the part number of the pd-105's rim sensor to convert my pd-100 in dual trigger pad ( I envisage to buy a td-12 module )

    Sorry for my bad English and thanks for all

    TD20X , First Mds-10 , 3 pd-120 2 pd-100 => Converted to Pd-125 / Pd-105 , 1 Kd-120, 1 Vh-12 , 2 Cy-14 , 1 Cy15 , and 1 Cy-8 Vst Drum and a Terratec Phase 88 to connect Vdrums between Computer / Ludwig 3Ply Maple/poplar/maple 70's era