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Sampling Sounds on Roland V-Drums

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  • Sampling Sounds on Roland V-Drums

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum (but been playing drums forever) and have been thinking of upgrading from a Yamaha DTXPress III to a Roland V Drum set. I was just wondering if it is possible to sample sounds on the more advanced Roland brains and if so which ones are most ideal for this?

    Someone told me you can't but that just sounds ridiculous to me considering how far technology has come what with drum machines and sequencers and what not. Well I hope you guys can help, thanks!

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    No, you can't put sounds on any Roland module (except the SPD-S Sampling Pad, but that's not generally referred to as a brain/module).

    You could however easily add an SPD-S or SP-404 and trigger samples via MIDI from any module.



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      Or you could upgrade to the new DTXtremeIII module. It has sampling and USB. With USB you are one step closer to working with VST instruments, including samplers.


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        Ok that sounds pretty good although they are pretty expensive. Do you know if the DTXtreme III is the only brain advanced enough to sample?


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          Originally posted by john emrich View Post
          Or you could upgrade to the new DTXtremeIII module. It has sampling and USB. With USB you are one step closer to working with VST instruments, including samplers.
          Does the USB just do MIDI and storage or can you import samples via USB too?



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            There are two usb connections on the back of the unit. One works with a memory device. You import your sample data in through this port once you have added the extra memory to the unit. The TD-12 and TD-20 do not sample.

            The other usb connection goes to your computer. That connection makes for excellent control of software without adding another device for MIDI to usb. In my case BFD2! If I need to go out without a computer, I can add some of my sounds to the DTXtreme III. The Yamaha "brain" sends the MIDI information out faster than anything else. (There is a big difference between the TD20 and DTXtreme III in terms of internal processing.) With the Yamaha, I can keep my buffer settings higher and utilize more CPU power for DSP and mixing options. With my Roland TD12, I feel the latency at higher settings and am forced to lower the buffer size. I have the same results with the TD20.

            The prices for the TD-20 and the Yamaha are in the same ball park, but IMO you get more out of the Yamaha module.

            brock786 already owns a Yamaha DTXPress III. This might be a better solution for him because he already has some Yamaha pads. In this economy, replacing the brain first might be a good idea. The new cymbal pads and Bass Drum pad on the DTXtreme III are big improvements. They feel really good.

            Hope this helps,
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              Ok that helps a lot man. Does the DTXtreme IIs sample as well or just DTXtreme III?


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                I use a DTXtreme III module and it's really nice, 205mb of wave rom(coverted to linear) 16 part multi-timberal, USB ports and I like the sounds which is something I haven't been able to say about a module for a long time. I don't think the cymals are looped in release either because of the massive rom.
                Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......