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Help! [TD-10 kit without V-Cymbals]

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  • Help! [TD-10 kit without V-Cymbals]

    I bought the used TD-10 kit for $1200 but it doesn't come with the original crash,hi-hat and ride-symbal.It comes with 3 PD-9 pads and a PD-7 pad...

    Is this worth the money? Or I got cheated...

    It looks like this http://cgi.ebay.com/Roland-TD-10-V-D...1%7C240%3A1318
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    Cheated? No. You bought what was described and photographed (if that auction is the kit you bought).

    EDIT: The auction hasn't ended and the reserve hasn't been met, so it doesn't look like you have bought it (yet).

    2nd EDIT: Those PD-9 and PD-7 pads ARE the original cymbal pads for a TD-10 kit (1997-2000).

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      No,ths link is just an example for how it looks like.I already paid yesterday and brought the whole kit home. the only difference is mine kit has a PD-120 as kick drum.


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        Well, you weren't cheated as those PD pads for cymbals were standard with many TD-10 kits. And that's not a bad price for a complete kit, especially if it has a KD-120.



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          Alright. Thx..you're the best =)