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Can I record MIDI to computer via Midisport Uno?

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  • Can I record MIDI to computer via Midisport Uno?

    My friend who is a guitar player sent me over a track of him playing guitar, and I'd like to record my drums over it. I have a Midisport Uno and a Roland TD12. Can I use the Uno to record MIDI to my computer, and then convert that to audio to lay over the track? Or would I need some other device...? thanks
    TD-12, KD-120, CY15, CY14.

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    Yes, but.... What's the point of the MIDI recording? You can't convert that to audio on the PC and get the sounds of your TD-12. The only way to do that is to play the MIDI file back through the module and record from the audio outputs. So unless you plan to do much fixing of the MIDI track on the PC, then you might as well just record audio in the first place.



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      I see... I just thought MIDI would be much better sound quality, but I guess you are right. I'm sure straight audio will be fine. Thanks!
      TD-12, KD-120, CY15, CY14.