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Yet Another Hart Ride Question (discovery?)

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  • Yet Another Hart Ride Question (discovery?)

    Just got a Hart E-Cymballs II Ride. I don't have the right jacks & splitters to separate the ride and bell yet, so I just plugged it into the ride jack.

    I'm using a TD-10 that is TDW-1 expanded.

    As expected, with normal playing the ride and bell both produced the ride sound. HOWEVER, when I really beat the hell out of the bell, I actually get a bell sound, without using more than one jack. I'm going to play with the settings and see if I can get it to work without using up two slots. I'd LOVE to leave one free for something else.

    Reverend Poppy
    Reverend Poppy

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    There are some settings for rides in the TD-10 that have both sounds on one setting check them out... has a suffix of "x" I believe... like *rockridex* you could possibly use these.......just a suggestion.