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Questions about Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite features

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  • Questions about Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite features

    I have some questions about the "Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite" kit:

    1) Does it reproduce a rim-click sound?
    2) Does it respond to a Hi-Hat bark (striking Hi-Hat and then lifting foot off the Hi-Hat pedal)?
    3) Does it respond to striking the bell of the cymbals?
    4) Does it respond to Brushes on the Snare?
    5) Does it come with headphones?

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    5) No unless where you are buying it from is having a special where they might throw some in?

    4) Yes all roland mesh heads will responed to brushes

    2) yes

    1) only snare

    3) not sure

    I think my answers are correct 90% sure


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      I think the simple answer is no to each of your questions.



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        can't resist replying as well...but only to say I agree with Bruce that NO to questions 1-3; to question 5, you almost certainly can work a deal with any dealer to include headphones at a 'nice' price, and for question 4, while you certainly can trigger the snare with brushes by hitting the snare, I rather doubt that a 'rubbing' action of the brush against the snare, if that is the correct english, would produce the desired effect. Further, the sound triggered will not be the sound produced by a brush on an acoustic kit, but the same sound as produced by a stick.

        There IS a Jazz Kit setting, but whether that is brushes, or just a typical Jazz set up, I don't know. If it IS brushes, it will make the brush sound regardless of whether you use brushes or sticks, given a sufficiently hard tap.

        And Welcome to the forum, hopefully you will find a kit to suit your needs!
        TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
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          As Kip Dynamite said...

          Dang it!!!

          2 out of 3 say there's no rimclick sound and no Hi-Hat "bark" - I can't "live" without those, so I guess my infatuation with the electronic drums was just a flash in the pan (it sure would be gr8 to just push a button to get all those different "kits," though).

          Are there any other electronic drum kits around that have all those features? Is it a technical problem, or is it just that this is a relatively cheap kit?


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            There is one kit variation that has a click sound on the right tom pad, the feel is like a Jazz kit.

            It does respond to Hi-Hat bark, even it does kind of a "slosh" sound (kind like a loose cymbals if you lift your foot very slightly).

            You have the bell sound if you hit harder in the ride cymbal, I can trigger it hitting the bell directly ( I guess is just that I bypass the softer rubber pad).

            About the brushes I don't know, have not tried them yet.

            Headphones you can buy on sale, there are the 1/8 type stereo plug, I bought 2 in PepBoys for about $20 and change one of them to 1/4 stereo plug that I needed for other module (cheap ION) that I modified with a midi in port, just to see how it works with the HD-1 (did not like the feel, but I plan to use it to trigger some sounds)
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              Of course, the best way is for you to go to your nearest dealer and try the kit yourself, then you can judge the bark and the rim click yourself!

              but it IS a cheap, introductory kit! you cant expect it to have the finest features!!
              TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
              ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
              not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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                Unfortunately if you want all the features you'll have to buy something higher than the entry level kit. I think the TD3 or TD6 will do most the things you want.

                Although to be honest even the TD20 doesn't have a truly natural feel to the HiHat although it is still pretty amazing considering ur hitting a plastic and rubber cymbal. But as for the rest of it, play it with ur eyes closed and you could be mistaken into thinking you're behind an acoustic kit.


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                  Originally posted by Clay Shannon View Post
                  Are there any other electronic drum kits around that have all those features?
                  Take a look at and listen to the other Roland modules. They have what you're looking for.
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                    I'm repeating some answers that others have posted, but here's a quick overview.

                    1)There is a Cross Stick sound assigned to Tom Pad 2 on Kit 1/Variation

                    2) The HD-1 easily produces a Hi-Hat heel splash.

                    3) There is no bell trigger (all cymbals on a HD-1 are CY-5s) however there is a velocity-switch feature in the HD-1, which triggers a bell sound by striking the cymbal pad harder.


                    4) Does it respond to Brushes on the Snare? No

                    5) Does it come with headphones? If you purchase a HD-1 Pak, a DAP-1 is included which includes earbuds, along with a throne, sticks and connection cable (for an iPod) along with a PM-01 powered monitor.
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