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help with roland pd-125

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  • help with roland pd-125

    So i have a somewhat peiced together v-drum kit. works well though.
    Alesis DM pro is brain but mainly to trigger midi and BFD.
    I was using a hart dynamics acupad for snare, and though it worked well as far as dynamics, really soft soft ghost notes didnt play ( not a huge big deal since im mainly a rock drummer)But playing hard worked well as lots of dynamics from 10% to 100%
    But i thought lets give the roalnd pd-125 a shot since i hear you can play with brushes. Well when i hooked it up uggh....was over sensitive. anything played past like 50% power triggers it full. so its alwasy sounds like amachine or machine gun. Ive tried every setting within the DM pro and within BFD but no go.

    I was reading how the wiring is diffrent in roland pads is this my issue? or is this pad just way too sensitive for my older DM pro?anyone else try this setup?

    help please

    thank you
    Jon H