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Simple Recording/Mixing Question

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  • Simple Recording/Mixing Question

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    I'm assuming whatever module you're using has a MIX IN jack.

    As for the simplest way to record, plug the MP3 player into the MIX IN jack on your module, then use a headphone splitter coming from your module's headphone jack and send one outgoing signal to your computer and the other to your headphones. Balance the MP3 volume against you drum volume using the MIX IN volume knob.

    Plug the split signal from your headphone jack into the MIC IN or LINE IN jack on your laptop (whichever works best). Do some tests to get your levels set (occasionally into the red, but not much and not often), and let 'er rip.

    You may need adapters. Make sure they are "stereo", AKA TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) or things could get ugly (sounding, that is).

    Best of luck!


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      Stick -

      I use the TD-20. Thanks for the input, very useful. I will give it a go, thanks!