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TD-3SW-V question

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  • TD-3SW-V question

    To all those familiar with this kit i ask, is it worth it? Have been doing a bit of research and really like the features it has to offer. Had been considering a Yamaha dtxpress IV as well but am pretty sure that is out of the picture. Anyways, I'm pretty familiar to the drumming world, did the whole drumline thing through school and such so I'm more of a snare/quint drummer than an actual set player. From the videos i've seen (youtube) this kit looks pretty reliable, seems to have no issues with triggering and such but one of the things I had heard is its a bit small. This kinda concerns me because I'm a bigger guy, 6'2, 225 so a small kit defiantly wont work. Also, is this kit able to use a double bass pedal with? Best price I'm seeming to find is 999.99 (no throne, no kick pedal) Is that a fair price? If not can anyone point me to a better deal? Thanks for all the help!

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    I think the TD 3 is a reasonable starter kit ( I dont understand the reference to snare/quint though), though more experienced players will want something more advanced...

    I started with the TD-6, whose frame is only a couple of inches wider than the td-3 (I am 6-1, 220, very wide shouldered) and do not at all have it as wide as it could go, so depending on length of arms (I am quite long in the arm actually) and how you like to play, I dont think it will be a problem...but it might be a good idea to pop down to a drum shop and test it, remembering to check to see if the set up kit is as wide as possible, or whether they are just cramming it in..

    as far as price, is that 999 US dollars, euros, pounds, shekels, squids or what? would help to answer.....
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      I'm the same size and weight as you and don't have a problem fitting into the TD3. I gassed all my toms up to 10" mesh heads and it's still fine. I am fighting a slouch position when I play but I feel that's just a matter of educating myself to sit up straight. I did have to put the RH outboard support of the kick behind the back leg of the frame to get my leg in a comfortable position. I'm not sure about your double pedal question. Perhaps someone else will answer that one.

      You might check out audiolines.com. Call them and tell them you are price shopping and are prepared to order right now and ask them for the best they can do. Worked well for me.

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        Sweet guys thanks for all the input. I made the Snare/Quint reference so as to say I'm not new to drumming at all, just set drumming so if the responsiveness of the pads is something of an issue an such but anyways, as far as testing goes that's somewhat of an issue because there isn't a place anywhere near where I live that carries e-kits. Price wise I was pretty pleased when I checked with RMC audio and they have it listed for $899.99 which includes free shipping so I was pretty pleased about that. I think this is the way I'm leaning but not 100% yet. Any other input/opinions about this kit are welcomed! Again thanks!


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          And the windbag says...

          I got my TD-3 from www.rmcaudio.com. The price they gave me for the TD-3/throne/headphones beat my local Guitar Center, even with shipping. I'm 6'6"/250 lbs and I fit very well into my TD-3. I don't have a double-bass, but there is room for one. The reliability is great. You will love it.

          One more thing I will warn you about, even though it is now too late. You have G.A.S. You were infected when you signed in to this forum. This horrible affliction can not be sated, and you are infected for the rest of your life. I am, of course, referring to Gear Acquisition Syndrome. For this reason, I recommend that you check out the best kit you can afford. This includes some used older kits, such as the TD-8, TD-10, and TD-6. This will require more research on your part to make sure you understand what features they have.

          From this point on, understand that I have only played my TD-3, so I have no personal experience with any other kits. The following are some of the things that I am beginning to desire that the TD-3 doesn't offer: the ability to tweak the sounds; the ability to use VEX kits (www.vexpressions.com); and the ability to add more, more, more!!! pads.

          Despite those things, I am very happy with my TD-3, and because I answer to my boss (wife) and my income is directly tied in to the economy (land surveyor), I believe the TD-3 has been the best choice for me. When I get some playing money (after my wife and two kids) then I will expand to another module and more pads. Until then, though, the TD-3 is allowing me to become a better drummer, and that is the purpose of life!


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            Hi viking28, I'd recommend starting with a 6V kit - you quickly get sick of the single zone limitations on the 3 and it should only be a few hundred $s more for a 6. The 6v also has a lot more sounds, patterns etc.


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              I started with the TD-3, had it over a year before I sold the whole thing off. I'm 6 foot myself and size wasn't an issue. You can upgrade things,I first added a Dingbat then mesh drums all around. I upgraded the crash then finished off the upgrading with more Visulite cymbals, TD-12 module and GIbraltar rack. The TD-3 with the mesh drums was a nice little kit. The larger snare required a snare sand as it weighed/torqued enough that it didn't stay in place. I tightened the TD-3 rack's clamp as tight as I thought I could tighten it without breaking.

              The newer kit is quite a bit bigger and with a two-piece hi-hat, 3 way ride and tweakability and (soon to be purchased) Vex kits is quite a step up.

              A used kit would save you some $. Don't skimp on your throne. I'm happy with my low level Tama kick pedal. You can use a double bass pedal on the TD-3 kick. Good headphones and some sort of an amp are also going to be an expense for you.

              At the time, the TD-3 was all the "Family Chief Financial Officer" would let me get. My wife is great in that she lets me indulge my musical delusions. Spending a lot on something you might not stick with is a little scary.

              Again, the TD-3 is a very nice kit, it worked flawlessly for me. You may find you outgrow the TD-3 but it's a great place to start in the very fun but addicting and expensive world of v-drums.

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                Awesome thanks for everything guys. I think from based off what all of you said, I'm going to go upwards of a td-6v. I guess I never really took into account how annoying having only single trigger toms could be and the 6v just seems right for me. I know I'm going to stick with drumming for probably the rest of my life, and no this wont be the last kit i buy not even close. But I feel like I'll be a bit happier if I spend a little extra $ on a better kit. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!


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                  Hi Viking28. I think I know you from another forum. We are probably from the same place. I'm glad that you chose a TD6V. It is indeed a better choice. I'm currently searching for a TD6V module to replace the TD3. However, just like the posts in this thread, the wife is my financial controller. With your height, you'll have no problem playing this kit. The only problem I see is you'll be addicted to it. I seldom use my acoustic set since this allows me to play anytime with no guilt in disturbing anyone. I transferred my double peds to the ekit and it's awesome to try different bass sounds. Can't wait to get an upgraded module and load some VEX kits.
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