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Bass Drum Feel

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  • Bass Drum Feel

    Hi all,

    A couple of weekends ago I got the chance to replace my rather old and broken double pedal with a nice shiny new Iron Cobra Power Glide. I put it on my TD-12 and I was a little underwhelmed by the difference it made. I put this down to needing to tweak the pedal but a couple of days ago I took the pedal to a band practice, put it on an acoustic kit and the pedals felt awesome!

    I'm guessing the problem is due to the head tension or positioning of the beaters on my TD12. Does anyone have any suggestions for setting the kick pad up for best feel?

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    That's kind of a tricky question as what feels right to me may not feel right to you. First question would be, I suppose, what kick pad are you using: mesh or rubber? For my Hart PRo kick, I tend to keep my heads pretty tight, but I found with my Iron Cobra that in order to avoid to much bounciness I needed to loosen the head more than I would for my snare or toms...and of course twaek the pedals.
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