I have a TD-20 and I am using the Hart Dynamics Pro E-hi hat with the hart dynamic hi hat stand. Im having trouble getting a balance live between my closed hihat and the open hi hat. The open hihat seems to be a lot louder than when it is closed. Where do I go on the TD-20 to adjust this. Ive tried the Rim head in the mixings I don't think that is where my problem is. Ive tried the Trigger adjustment for the splash but thats not it. When Im opening the hats hitting them with the stick is when it seems to be to loud. So when I bring up the volume of the closed hat and then go to open them with the stick hitting its not a good balance at all. Anyone have any suggestions on this. Should I be compressing the hats at all ? Right now I have no compression on them. Maybe that would smooth things out for me. Everything Im dealing with is for the live drums at the gigs. thanks guys