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Using V-Drums stand as a workstation stand?

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  • Using V-Drums stand as a workstation stand?

    Hi all,

    I just thought of the idea for doing this. Please let me know what you think about the feasibility of this project based on the weight tolerances, etc, of the V-Drums stands. This is not for setting up v-drums, but rather a DAW/NLE for home use.

    Basically I am wanting to mount something like this (Poise Dual) http://www.workriteergo.com/literatu...heet%20WEB.pdf on one of the poles of a modular stand like the vdrums stand, and put a midi keyboard on the arms of the stand and tilt it using these: http://www.roland.com/products/en/KS-STV7/index.html I'd also want to attach a computer keyboard arm to the lower horizontal pole of the stand and have it extend under the midi keyboard. Does this make sense? Here is a picture of a mobile workstand. Maybe it will give you an idea of what I'm thinking: http://www.ergotron.com/Products/Car...S/default.aspx

    I've also thought about what to do about the audio monitors, but perhaps I can just get speaker stands for them. If it works, it seems like the vdrums type stand would be perfect for me due to it's highly modular nature. I just hope the specs would support what I want to do.

    Also, can someone tell me how wide the tubing is on these stands? I'd want to mount the Poise Dual directly on, but I might have to do some fanangling. I know that Ergotron workstand above has a 2 inch wide pole, but not sure about the Workrite.

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    Most of the tubing is 1.5", which is a standard for drum racks.

    You will be able to find a lot of clamps and add-ons for the rack size, but they are generally expensive.

    The Roland racks are pretty sturdy, but you might want to look into Gibraltar Racks. Those are rock solid and can be configured any way you want them.


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      Thanks for the info Michael, very helpful!


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        Ok, I am ready to order a piece to test the dual LCD mount at Workrite. Tech support there told me the poles are 1.5", same as the Gibraltars. I plan to take the part I order to see if the dual mount will fit.

        Initially I think I will just get a simple straight bar rack with 2 T-Legs and a horizontal bar. I plan on designing my own T-legs since I want to make sure the rack doesn't tip over. The standard is 20", but I'm thinking 30" or 36". I don't want them to be too big cause then it would get awkward. Any thoughts?

        I'm also planning to buy 3 68" tubes for the legs and the cross bar. Would this be too long?
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          I have never had to use legs bigger than the standard 20". And I have made some heavy setups. The vertical bar can be adjusted so it sits right over the center of gravity. You would have to have a seriously sprawled setup to even come close to tipping it.

          And if your setup sprawls out like that, consider getting side extensions with legs. That would go much further towards stability.

          In my humble opinion, 68" is way to big.

          Can I ask why you don't consider using studio furniture? Does it have to be mobile? It seems that you will be going through a lot of effort and expense to reproduce solutions that already exist.


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            Hey Michael,

            Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I'll go with the 30" inch legs. I want to make sure the LCD arms don't tip the structure over in either direction, and at that length the tlegs are probably not long enough to get in the way. I actually have a Raxxess desk, but I like to work while reclining, since I spend a lot of time at the PC doing tiny edits and so forth, so I've been thinking about creating this setup. Have you seen the Gravitonus? http://gravitonus.com

            Also, my setup will change over time, plus I didn't mention it, but I'm thinking about buying a pen tablet Cintiq monitor for editing which will require a lot of position adjustment. That in itself will cause problems if I want to mount a midi keyboard on the desk. If I get a keyboard it will get in the way of the Cintiq and vice versa, and actually I plan to find a way to mount the keyboard on a track, or swing arm if it's not too heavy, so that I can move it back and forth or to the side.

            I want something that's highly modular because to tell you the truth, with my Raxxess I've already had problems because the computer keyboard shelf was a bit cumbersome to deal with, so that's another reason why I want something highly modular.

            It looks like for around $200 I can create the initial setup and I can add on parts as I need to. Mainly I just want to make sure the structure will be stable for my application, and you seem to suggest that it will be. Of course it needs to be also suitable for the task, so I'd need to be able to either get or create the right parts.

            And finally, I want the 68" tubes because as of now I'm sitting on the ground in an Audio XRocker so I could get shorter tubes, but I may get a chair that is raised off the ground like a Freedom Chair. Also, I may change the position of the main setup so that instead of it being off to the side of me, it's in front (like a drum set). This case will most likely be with the addition of a midi keyboard, but I will have to see how the setup goes, since this is my first time trying something like this. If I get a keyboard the setup will need to be wide enough so that the keyboard can fit, and the longest poles would be more ideal. I may also mount audio monitors on this desk too. If I need to sell off parts and get different ones I'll do that, but if I get the 68" tubing, will the structure still be as stable as a smaller one?

            One last question, I may try to mount a midi keyboard, and I will want it to move back and forth or to the side. My initial guess is that say an 88 key weighted will be too heavy to mount on a swingarm (like one of the rack tubes with a joint that swings and those Roland tilt adjust keyboard extensions to tilt), so I am thinking of putting it on tracks like this: http://www.ergotron.com/Products/Wal...S/default.aspx (You can see them at the bottom) Although they'd be going horizontally and not vertically. I'd have to find a way to mount those tracks on the rack (with extensions to support the whole structure like you mentioned of course). I might have to do some customizing such as screwing in a piece of wood to support the track, and have it also screwed in to a clamp on the rack somehow. I think it could be done if I find the right parts.

            So does that help clarify what I'm wanting to achieve? Thanks for your help and let me know what you think!


            David H.

            Oh btw, right now I have this: www.airdesks.com but it's pretty ghetto and I need something more solid, adjustable, and modular to suit my needs. Are there any companies that make something I might need? So far I've just come across drum racks which might do the job since they're so customizable!
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              Workstation 1.0!!!

              Ok, Workstation 1.0 info:

              The initial stage of my workstation design. (My room is a [complete] mess!!!) I need longer tubing for the drum rack so I can switch the configuration to be in front of me instead of off to the side...but it will work for now.

              Also in the works: the case is going in the closet and a second monitor will be added. In the future I may decide to get rid of the airdesk and add a proper keyboard shelf to the drum rack. Also may put a MIDI keyboard and studio monitors on the rack and perhaps the 3rd monitor on a separate arm (Wacom Cintiq or Core i7 Tablet lappy for touchscreen operation?)

              (Notice that BIG MONEY on the shelf. Actually it's a loose George I still have yet to enter into the tracking database: http://www.wheresgeorge.com )


              I will probably get some longer tubing very soon. Any suggestions on where I can get 7 foot tubing? Which is what I plan on using. If not I'll just get the longest Gibraltars, and I'd like to buy used for the cost. (or can I substitute something that will fit exactly the same for drum tubing?) Btw, I'm lucky that my bracket fit. I went to GC and Roland's black tubing didn't fit, however, a stand attached to a Pearl kit fit right on and I picked up this used thing with Gibraltar clamps for the T-Legs (not sure what brand the tubing is). Can I be sure if I buy more tubing, that they'll fit my LCD arm mounting bracket?
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                Man, you almost look ready to launch. Very space-age.

                All tubing should be 1.5" - it's a standard. I once picked up some 6 foot sections of tubing used, but I have no idea where they originally come from.


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                  Thanks Michael! Any idea where I should look for longer lengths? So far I haven't been able to find anything. Too bad Gibraltar tops out at 68".


                  David H.