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2 single pedals or a double?

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  • 2 single pedals or a double?

    Ok. I currently use a double Iron Cobra pedal, which I love, but...
    I am struggling a bit with getting a constant cadence at slower controlled speed. Blasting isn't to much of a problem I seem to be able to keep time better.
    What I was wondering is if anyone thinks it is easier with 2 pedals and kick pads, rather than a single pad with a double pedal, or is it just an adjustment problem or simply technique?
    My thoughts behind this are that having a separate pedal for each foot gives you less need to make pedal adjustments to compensate for the difference in your leg strength etc.
    I hope that's clear! Kev.

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    I prefer using two single pedals, but I don't think it makes things any easier. It does make positioning easier and gives you ability to play two different sounds if you want. I have the same problems you do and I think only time and practice will help that.


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      i have a single pedal and two kicks,does that count ? ...joking

      actually i got this ashton double pedal but used only once for rehearsals because i am stil working on it.i think it wont make any difference ,don;t forget u have to set the sensitivity on a double one.I would rather prefer 2 kd-8's as doubles

      i also do this tip on my 6 brain and use the fd-8 controller as a kick trigger for doubles practicing
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        It's a good question KevH,

        I see merits in a double pedal as:
        - only one KD required
        - balanced action between the 2 pedals should be easier to achieve
        - repeatable placement of pedals (physical location)
        - only use 1 trigger port
        - able to place it closer to the h/h pedal

        I see merits in single pedals as:
        - greater flexibility in placement (either side of the h/h is an option - I have my 2nd kick on the "outside" of the h/h)
        - 2 kick sounds available
        - you have a spare pedal in case your primary breaks
        - you can (possibly) take the secondary half of your kit travelling and leave the primary half setup in your studio
        - you can upgrade pedals one at a time
        - you may be able to match a single pedal to your h/h height or action more easily

        After all that waffle, I have 2 base model Gibraltar single pedals (one on a KD-120 for the studio kit and one on a PD-7 for portability), but I'm considering getting a high quality double kick....... the only thing I don't like about the double kick is that I would have to have the secondary pedal "inside" my h/h and thus would have to move the h/h a bit away from where I like it placed.

        In the end, this is probably no help to you.....


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          in the end, it doesn't have to matter, a double pedal needs some slave adjustment,
          can you play everything on the left pedal with your right foot ?
          you might have to change beater-angle or spring tension.
          if your left foot can't play on the right pedal you know the problem area..
          also try to get the 'kickback' as close as possible
          (push both beaters to the head and pull your feet off).
          slower speeds are mostly played more 'whole leg' oriented..
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            can you play everything on the left pedal with your right foot ?

            Yes, I have the spring tensions the same

            you might have to change beater-angle or spring tension.

            My left beater is further from the pad than the right, however, as I play heel up and plant the beaters into the pad, I don't see that this matters.

            if your left foot can't play on the right pedal you know the problem area..

            I tried that, but it's not as fluid, which it wouldn't be I guess. It's my weaker leg by nature.

            also try to get the 'kickback' as close as possible
            (push both beaters to the head and pull your feet off).

            Not sure what you mean there, can you explain a bit more please.

            slower speeds are mostly played more 'whole leg' oriented..



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              Originally posted by Hercules View Post
              - only use 1 trigger port
              I thought I'd chime in on this one. I've got 2 KD8 with single pedal, I've never had a double pedal so I can't help you, I'm decidely biased...

              BUT I was able to conect two bass triggers into one port, I just used 2 mono cables and mono Y-cable into the back of the module and I'm only using one port. I think I got it at radio shack for $3. So don't let the "uses two ports" thing make your mind up.
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                with 'kickback' i meant the speed with which the slave-beater moves back from the head,
                some pedals you can get pretty close to the primary.
                if i adjust my left pedal with my rightfoot on it, and can play everything (also doubles) i know it's ok.
                some drummers forget to try and find the best settings for the left pedal,
                they just accept any amount of lag.. there will be some.. ofcourse.
                you said you had trouble with playing slower tempo's, that's why i said these are mostly played with
                'whole leg' / heel up, (hip flexors) if you're already doing it this way, i didn't know.
                playing with metronome / feet tapping on the floor, is something that helped me.
                on the pedal groups of constant LLLL or LLL with a beat will help your left leg.
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                  Ahh ok. Well the Iron Cobra is so adjustable it's possible to get it exactly the same on both sides.
                  I'm thinking it's more a technique thing then.


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                    I used to have numerous double pedal setups and always felt something lacking, no matter how much tweaking of the double pedal I did.

                    I've been using 2 singles for 1-2 years now on both my TD-20 and my A-Kit. No matter how nice of a pedal you use, there will ALWAYS be a difference between the slave pedal and the master pedal. Theres always going to be linkage. I think it's 10x easier to adjust 2 singles to match than trying to with a double anyways. The only downside is that if you play someone else's kit that just has a single kick, it'd be nice to have a backup which out of both my kits I have 4 single pedals and no double (I suppose I should purchase one just for that reason).

                    And yeah I run 2 KD-120's into a splitter "Y" dealy into my kick port, no feedback/crosstalk/cancelation issues at all. Just a HOSA one from my local Guitar Center for like 4-5 bucks. Plus double kick setups are sick looking. I'm much quicker with having my snare dead center with 2 up and 2 down on the toms too.

                    If you have some $$$ check out the Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoots, I use them on my A-Kit and they're amazing. So easy to adjust and both my pedals are in perfect sync with each other.
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                      in the past ive used dw t5000 for years 2 single pedals. i now use the iron cobra double pedal and i see no diffrence as far as feel except i like the cobras better. although the iron cobras are very idjustable in every way i have my primary and slave set up identical. i can pretty much play the same things with both feet doubles and all but the left is a little weaker than the right. only because i never tried playing with just the left foot for a time
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                        ok, the 'groups of singles' are more useful with ankle playing.. i've played single pedal kicks 2x22" ,2x24" ,
                        and most brands double pedals, in my opinion there wasn't much difference with slow to medium tempo's..

                        BUT, instead of sounding like a snob in here, this is how i experienced it, it might not be
                        everybody's view ..

                        2 single pedals :
                        cons :
                        - more expensive, you need a pedal + another bassdrum
                        - tuning both bassdrums alike (if you want this) is time consuming.
                        - you have to haul more stuff.
                        - smaller stages your kit won't fit, (or your bandmates won't be happy).
                        - less flexable positioning L hihat.

                        pro's :
                        - kits with 2 kicks look cool.
                        - or very cool.
                        - kickpedal placement feels natural.
                        - the left foot feels "more freedom", "lighter" but this is a "feel" thing, it doesn't make playing easier.

                        double pedal :
                        cons :
                        - left pedal feels slightly "heavier" again a feel thing and on good pedals negligible.
                        - left pedal slidage, but can be helped (velcro).
                        - some pedals have off-center left beater.
                        - playing faster can sound more 'choked'.
                        - if you shift bass to the right (to emulate 2 kick placement) you need either a rack, or more
                        stands (for toms).

                        pro's :
                        - somewhat "cheaper" than 2 bassdrums.
                        - more flexable 'width' placement of L : R pedals.
                        - more flexable L hh placement.
                        - very even bassdrumsound.
                        - compact drumkit, still a DB sound.

                        now that i've typed this.. i notice this is an A-kit list..
                        but i'm not going to edit again..
                        Last edited by Ericdrumz; 11-21-08, 04:26 PM.
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                          KewH, I use Iron Cobra HP900TW double from years and must say it's a great piece of gear, comfortable, adjustable and with very little effort you can reach a very high level of comfort and control, and good balance between the two feet.
                          I think that the biggest differences between 2 singles and one double can be found on acoustic kits where the point is head freedom of vibration, expecially in fast play, but on a kick pad, apart from possible troubles of wrong triggering, should be almost the same I suppose... Sorry for my English, I try to do my best...


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                            I've used a double pedal on a KD-8 and now two single pedals on Hart Acupad kick triggers. I think my double-bass playing sucked equally on both configurations, so I don't know what to tell ya other than that I need to practice more.
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