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Any satellite speakers like PM 30?

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  • Any satellite speakers like PM 30?

    Hey all,

    I've got my kit (TD8 with td3 pads and a DIY snare) plugged into a big old Krate 160watt keyboard amplifier, and I was wondering if I could add some satellite speakers somehow to get some Stereo sound to make my kit sound better..

    Are there any speakers that would suit this? The amp has 2 speaker outputs at the back but one's being used by the 15" speaker in it..

    I have it running out of the Master (mono) output on the TD8 - oh, and with a guitar lead.. is that a bad thing too? I think i read not to use guitar leads for speakers..

    Thanks all!

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    You should never use guitar or mic leads for speakers. Most of those cords are 20 gauge or less and designed to carry minimal current. Speakers need larger gauge wire. Depending on the amp speaker & distance minimum of 16 gauge. Using less will result in you speakers being starved for power (poor performance) and burning out the wires. Even to the point of starting fire. Smaller gauge wire adds resistance to the line effectively increasing the impedance of your speakers and there for less power being delivered. If you are just using it between your bran and amp on the line level it should be fine.
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      You could connect two speakers to those speaker outputs, but they wouldn't be stereo because your amplifier isn't stereo.



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        Thanks guys.. Maybe I will go out and buy a speaker lead just incase it does damage the amp or is giving it less power..

        I think now to get the stereo sound I want I'll need 2 active speakers and run them through the direct outs then use the Master (mono) out for my big keyboard amp

        Thanks for your help guys


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          How about this: http://www.thomann.de/be/the_box_dms...um_monitor.htm ?
          Other options might be: http://www.thomann.de/be/drum_monitoring.html

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