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Am i paying too much?

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  • Am i paying too much?

    Hi guys,

    New member, Im sure you will see more of me if my next purchase goes through.

    I live in Russia and im looking for some Vdrums i have found this kit second hand and want to know if hes asking too much for it and what I should pay.

    Hi, Ben
    The kit is absolutely ready for a gig
    There are two 100 kevlar pads, two 120 kevlar pads, one 80 kevlar pad and a 120 kevlar kick pad.
    There are also two CY-8 cymbal pads and one CY-5 hi-hat
    TD-10 module (not expaded) and a hi-hat controller pedal + all the wires
    The set is assembled via two tom holders on two TAMA roadpro 73 boom cymbal stands
    absolutely ready to serve

    The set costs 80,000 rubles (2,932.02 USD)

    Please keep in mind that im in Russia and that buying stuff here is always more expense and its a nightmare to order stuff new as it can disappear at customs or they can make you pay a bribe.

    I have no experience owning V-drums. I live on the 16th floor so i need something to practice on.

    I want make it look like I know what im talking about though so I can bargain)

    I also heard the the td-10 extended is better but my thoughts were that if I buy this I can sell the module and buy a better one later when im in Europe.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Ben,

    Welcome - it's really nice to see a member from Russia on board.

    The price seems a bit high to me, but maybe one of the guys in northern europe could give you a better idea.

    Hope you have luck and can give us some insight into the music scene in Russia (I've always wanted to go on the tran-siberian railway)


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      Don't want to make you feel bad because I am sure all Roland gear is more expensive in Russia but in the US that set would be around $1400-$1600. You could add in import taxes and such but that shouldn't be nearly double.


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        I havent bought it yet, so theres no bad feelings)

        I thought it was quite high but this is why im asking the questions.

        So $1400-$1600 US is more reasonable? is that 2nd hand price? Ill research more too myself.

        Im going to go and try and bargain with him and try and find out why its so expensive.

        As to the music scene in Russia, it depends on what you like.

        To be honest, and this is my own personal taste, I find a lot of the local stuff pretty derivative of , theres ska and punk but it sounds by the by the numbers. Epic metal is big here but thats not really my thing either)

        So i dont really listen to a lot of the local stuff but thats just me. Our band Perth,( Im originally from Australia and thats my city will be recording end of November, I can post a link later if anyone is interested. We play post punk.