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what should a noob get? TD-9S, TD-9SX, or ?

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  • what should a noob get? TD-9S, TD-9SX, or ?


    I've taken percussion lessons for 9 years. I have never had a drum set though. a few months back I tried out some v-drums (td-12 in a guitar center) for the first time. LOVE IT !!

    So, I've been doing research. It seems like the TD-9 series would probably suit me well.

    But I cannot decide between the TD-9S and the TD-9SX. Are the extra mesh toms worth the extra money?

    Also, what do people think about the Hart Studio Master Series? I read these make less impact noise, which would be good for me since I'm an apt. dweller. So maybe a StudioMaster 5.3 with a TD-9 module? These would be compatible, yes? Seems like a better deal than the TD-9SX.

    I've shopped around used too and there don't seem to be many bargains unless you get up into the TD-20 range.

    So I guess what I'm asking is, should I get:
    Hart studio master 5.3 + roland module

    What is your opinion? Thank you very much

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    I would definitely go the Mesh head route for sure. Personally I'd go Hart, but I'm a bit biased! But that's a great kit, and the module will suit it well.
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      I also would highly recommend the mesh heads (not to mention I would think they are a bit more quiet as well than the rubber pads). Therefore, my recommendation would be:

      New TD-9SX


      Used TD-12

      In either case the most important criteria for me personally is mesh heads and VExpression kit compatible.

      Good luck!


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        If you have the budget, go ahead and invest in mesh pads. They are worth the extra money. If you don't have the money, you'll be fine with rubber pads for a while, but I'd recommend getting mesh from the start as long as you can afford it.

        I'm obviously a bit biased toward Hart. I think the Studio Master kits are great. Mine is an older model and still performs flawlessly.
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          I just bought a td9sx (mesh heads) on September 30th. It is an excellent investment if you can swing it. I tried the straight td9 and it was pretty good, but I decided to wait 2 weeks and find the extra money to get the mesh set. the heads are amazing I much prefer them over the rubber pads.

          Basically I wanted to "play drums" The td12's and 20's are pretty nice but you need some time on those kits to really work them out. I bought the 9 because the brain was easier to use.

          I may update later but for now it's alot of drum for me right now.

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            Personally, I find having just a mesh snare enough for me..I dont mind rubber toms, and would rather use the money to buy extra pads for the fourth tom and second crash...
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                I don't like rubber pads. I recently set up my SPDS pads to form a complete kit. I've been using the set up to work on pattern exercises from a Thomas Lang video. I've also been playing to mp3s. I have to say, the rubber pads DO NOT simulate the feel of playing a kit like mesh pads do. I enjoy playing my TD20 and could stick with that and never go back to a's. But I could never stick with rubber pads, they are just too far removed from "the real thing." It's great to use the SPDs pads in the studio for triggering drums on a Roland or Korg workstation, and to work on rudiments with, but that's about it.
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                  I have the TD-9S, and I wish I had purchased an all-mesh kit. I've been slowing upgrading.

                  On one hand, I've already spent more than if I had just purchased a nicer kit. On the other, I've gotten exactly the pieces I wanted. The 12" snare is just excellent. I think you have to buy a TD-20 kit to get that bundled in.
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