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module upgrade? [with TD-3SW pads]

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  • module upgrade? [with TD-3SW pads]

    can i upgrade my module from the td-3sw which i currently have, to a better model such as the v-pro module with the slide levels, and still use the old pads and symbols?

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    Absolutely. All your pads will work just fine.
    You are only limited by your budget.


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      just beware that that way madess lies: first a new module...then you realise that there are extra unused inputs on the new brain, that might heal up if you dont plug pads into them...so you buy more pads...than you realise you need a bigger rack...and a better hihat..and then you realise you can daisy chain your OLD module to the new module, and buy EVEN MORE pads...and another rack...

      ARRGH! The walls are closing in...or at least the drumkit is expanding to take up all the room in the er, room...bwahhahhah
      TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
      ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
      not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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        Pay no attention to saku. You are far too clever to be sucked into buying equipment for the mere sake of filling inputs. You will be perfectly happy with everything the way it is with the addition of a new module. You can stop any time you want.

        Honey! Be sure to buy more Roland stock, 'K?


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          hehehehehe...now we've got you!! you're hooked on gas


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            well ive started playing some gigs and need a way to write off some expenses so a new module sounds like the trick. thanks guys. any suggestions on what module i should upgrade to?


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              Comes down to how much you can spend. Each successive module has better sound/tweakability, so buy the most you can afford.