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How do i connect roland TD-6V to a computer+ is BFD2 a good program to use with them

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  • RedHotTomToms
    Cheers for the comments pal. Yea i get that you listen to the computer rather than the drums through the headphones, basically my problem is i make drum vids on youtube but they sound crap cos i dont have any software for some realstic drum sounds and i dont know how to record them properly. So i was going to use bdf2 which seems like a really good program to record the drums. I just didnt have a clue how to connect the drums to the computer. And i will check out those forum posts thanks a lot mate!

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  • saku
    Sorry to bother you again, but thought of another comment:

    if you are really new to computers, Toontrack has a simplified version of Superior 2, called EZDRUMMER...it costs less and is easier to use than BFD or S2...and if you later want to upgrade to S2, you get a discount for crossgrading, as it's called....

    I'll sum up my understanding of the argument between BFD and S2...s2 seems easier and demands less system resources from your computer, while BFD has a greater variety of sounds, different drum kits....both will sound better than your td 6, but it will be easier to just start your td 6, than have to also start the computer, load the programme, make sure everything is set up right, etc...

    you do realise that if you are using these programmes, you have to listen to the computer, rather than have your headphones or amps connected to the module?

    ok, that should keep me quiet for at least a half hour...

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  • saku

    this is only some threads...not even both that i mentioned....

    should point out that you can also use mono outputs to output the td 6's own audio, for instance into a sequencer like Cubase or Audacity
    Last edited by saku; 11-08-08, 02:19 PM.

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  • saku
    you need to connect the midi out of the drum module to the midi in of the computer...if the computer doesnt have a midi in, you can get a midi to usb converter...

    if you take a look at this forum, you will see a section called VST and Sample Libraries...there people discuss BFD and its competitors, like Superior 2.0 and Addictive Drums in great detail...probably more detail than you want actually! Search for threads like Superior 2 vs BFD, and BFD versus Toontrack!

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  • How do i connect roland TD-6V to a computer+ is BFD2 a good program to use with them

    Hey guys i was just wondering what sort of cables i need to connect my Roland TD-6V electronic kit to my computer.

    I was also wondering if any of you guys know wether BFD2 the program shown here http://www.fxpansion.com/index.php?page=53 is a good one to use with my kit.

    Thanks a lot guys oh and heres a list of whats on the back of my kit. Im not much of a tech expert clearly so i dont really know what should be used

    Mono left + right output

    Mono mix in

    Mono phones in

    Midi out/thru + Midi in

    oh and also my computer accepts mic in line in and phones in

    I hope that helps lol

    Thanks again guys and girls