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Closed high hat keeps opening

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  • Closed high hat keeps opening

    I have a V Concert set with the upgraded TD-10. When I'm playing the closed high hat, it keeps acting like it's partially open (Yes, I've got the pedal to the metal). Is there a way to adjust the high hat pedal so it stays "closed" when I want it closed, and opens when I want it to open?

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    Here's a stab in the dark. User gingerbaker posted somewhere (don't remember where) that these HH pedals adjust differently than the regular HH pedals we've used for years. Could it be that your pedal is adjusted in such a way that when you have the "pedal to the metal" the inner workings aren't actually closed?

    Try this: (1) loosen then lock nut, (2) push down on the rod a little (without pressing the pedal), and (3) re-tighten the lock nut.

    If I'm wrong it won't be the first (or nearly the last) time. Just a thought.
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      Good memory, Ranman! BTW, I'm not a user anymore - Betty Ford and a good shoeshine, you know
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        Another thing to be aware of is to make sure that you dont have the Hi-Hat pedal pressed or hit a drum while the head is booting up. It can interfere with the proper triggering if the head sets the zero point with the pedal closed or a drum being hit.

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          Originally posted by gingerbaker
          Good memory, Ranman! BTW, I'm not a user anymore - Betty Ford and a good shoeshine, you know
          That's funny!!

          I have always been amused that software developers have reduced us to strung-out addicts by labeling us "users." However, after dealing with the lunacy and madness of some software, and still returning for more with updates and next versions, I guess the term "user" is appropriate.

          Heck, the collective devotion to Roland and its high prices (good product though, from my newbie perspective) very well lumps us vdrummers into the "user" category.

          But what they hey! This is an awesome hobby for me and what would life be without pastimes, pursuits and hobbies?