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And so it grows....

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  • And so it grows....

    Hi all,


    I've finally got to a stage where I'm looking to expand my TD-12. At the moment I have the standard setup (i.e. kick, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crash & ride) plus an additional kit-toys cymbal (single zone) plugged into my crash2 port and an additional koby mesh head pad (also single zone) plugged into aux1.

    My question is, how much more can I put on the kit? Ideally I was looking at investing in two more cymbals and two extra pads so the setup would be something like:

    Crash2 Port --- Y Splitter Cable ---- 2 cymbals (both single zone)
    Aux 1 Port ---- Y Splitter Cable ---- 1 cymbal & 1 pad (both single zone)
    Aux 2 Port ---- Y Splitter Cable ---- 2 pads (both single sone)

    I might have a problem fitting this onto the rack though......

    I'm not really interested in upgrading to the TD-20 module yet due to the cost and because I know I would never use it to it's full potential (at least not yet....).

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    You can do it, but not with standard y cables. You need special wiring, Check out this sticky. http://www.vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27881


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      Thanks for that.

      Looks like I'm off on a component and cable hunt....


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        Oh, one more caveat. When you split a rim and head, only one sound is available at a time. If you strike two at the same time, only one will sound. Take that into consideration when placing pads. If you like to beat on two toms at once, don't split them to the same input.


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          Thanks for the info, I noticed that whilst reading the link you posted.

          I think I'll be using the extra inputs for more unusual / synth sounds (i.e. one's which won't get used all that often) in an attempt to get round this. If it becomes a problem I can always look at getting a TMC-6 i guess.