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monitoring a td20

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  • monitoring a td20

    Hey guys and girls. Finally i have come into some money and have splurged out on a TD20. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!
    In a moment of madness i also ordered a MP30, but i'm now thinking that i should have first come here and asked about what is the best way to amp up a TD20. Is the pm30 worth the money? Is there a cheaper possibly better option? I'm guessing there may be a sticky thread about this sumwhere but i've not seen it. all help is much appreciated.

    Cheers guys.
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    There are lots of discussion about this. Just search a bit. I find the PM-30 has the emphasis on P - Personal. You won't be able to use it for a band to hear if the volume is reasonably loud.

    So if you are playing in a band or just having friends over to Jam, you may need more power. If you are playing to tracks or doing something a little quieter, it may work out fine.