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Using the Direct Outs

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  • Using the Direct Outs

    Hi all.

    This question pertains to my TD-10 (upgraded) module. Is there a way to send
    just the snare AND its corresponding ambience/effect to, lets say, Direct
    Out 1? I can get the dry snare but the corresponding ambience stays in the
    Master Outs. I've read the manual and the block diagram and it appears this
    can't be done. Am I missing something? I eventually will record with MIDI
    but don't have the setup for that right now and want to be able to
    copy/paste over the occasional mis-hit snare and also have seperate level
    control of the snare during mixdown (I have an Akai DPS12). Thanks in
    advance for any insight.


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    Ok...... all sounds are sent into the ambience input. There is ONE ambience effectprocessor so all ambience from all sounds come out of there. It is not possible to separate the sound after that again.
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