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Need help - TD8 rack key :'(

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  • Need help - TD8 rack key :'(

    Hi all,
    i am new here, so i hope that i'm not asking an already answered question (i have used the search, but with no success).
    My problem is very simple, i have a Roland TD8KV, but i don't have the key (i think it's an Allen key) to dismantle the rack. At first its seems an easy problem, but after trying 30 keys, i can't found the right key... A friend of mine with a TD6 give me his key, but it's still slightly too big. This is driving me crazy and no one seems to have this problem. So i can only see two possibilities, first you can only have it when you buy the Drum kit / Rack, or, i'm completely dumb (and i hope its the second one )

    Thanks for you help

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    Ok, i think i have figured it out, i'm using french Allen keys while the rack key must be an US one, so the key size must be different (inch / cm)...


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      The hex key for all Roland racks is 5mm; no difference for US. So the TD-6 key should fit.